Pitbull Sues Alcohol Company Over 'Pit Bull' Vodka Recipe (Report)

Pitbull performing at the iTunes Festival at SXSW, Friday March 14th 2014

iTunes Festival at SXSW

Pitbull is suing E. & J. Winery & New Amsterdam Spirits Company for branding a vodka recipe the 'Pit Bull,' according to TMZ.

The Florida rapper, whose name has been trademarked since 2000, alleges that the alcohol distributor has been using his trademark to sell the drink -- made up of two parts New Amsterdam vodka, 1/2 part lime juice, 1/2 part grapefruit juice, and parts lemon/lime soda.

Pitbull has endorsed competing liquor brands, including Voli vodka (featured in the video for "Give Me Everything" and the lyrics to "Rain Over Me"). "[Voli] gave me a great opportunity to be an owner of a brand that I really believed in," Pitbull told the Los Angeles Times a few years ago. "That's why I got involved with Voli. It's in a market where it's needed and everybody wants it."

Pitbull is demanding compensation for profits made off the "Pit Bull" cocktail, as well as removal of the name. As he and Kesha might say, "It's going down."

In March, Pitbull's Voli brand -- a low-calorie fruit-flavored vodka line -- was the target of a lawsuit over the death of a young man at the scene of a Voli promotional event. When a boat branded with the company's logo ran aground, the captain solicited help from the attendees, one of whom was killed when he got too close to the boat's engine.