“An hour run to clear my head and plan for my day.”
—Michael Rapino, CEO, Live Nation Entertainment (No. 4)

“Don’t get behind on phone calls or emails.”
—Irving Azoff, chairman/CEO, Azoff MSG Entertainment (No. 7)
“Lay out your to-do list the night before and tackle the toughest issue of the day first.”
—Rob Light, managing partner/head of music, Creative Artists Agency (No. 9)
“Urgency wins. Do everything faster than anyone can imagine possible.”
—Bob Pittman, chairman/CEO, Clear Channel (No. 11)
“Intense daily calendar review and internal office meeting every morning.”
—Marc Geiger, head of music, William Morris Endeavor (No. 13)

“Spending time with my child in the morning and being there to put him down at night, whether or not I have to go out later that evening. That gives me a recharge and a balance in my life. It’s important to have that on/off switch.”
—John Janick, president/COO, Interscope Geffen A&M (No. 19)

“I try to rehearse the day. The concept of preparing and visualizing the day during a morning walk or exercise helps put you in a positive, elevated state. It gets your mind and body humming; you’re emotionally prepared. It makes the tougher days a little less tough and brings positivity to your day and the people around you.”
—Tom Corson, president/COO, RCA Music Group (No. 21)
“Be on time. When people run late it just backs up the whole day and it creates a snowball effect. And have an agenda.”
—Jennifer Breithaupt, senior VP of entertainment ­marketing, Citi (No. 24)

“Get up early and work late.”
—Cameron Strang, chairman/CEO, Warner/Chappell Music, Warner Bros. Records (No. 31)
“I make notes on everything, keep it all in one book, and each night I use it to make plans for the next day. Now how often am I able to stick to that plan? Never.”
—Mike Dungan, chairman/CEO, Universal Music Nashville Entertainment (No. 41)
“What helps me is keeping this Ernest Hemingway quote top of mind: ‘There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man. True nobility is being superior to your former self.’ It’s about working first to become the best you can be for yourself.”
—Jody Gerson, co-president, Sony/ATV Music Publishing (No. 44)

“Stay motivated by the irrational fear that it could all end at any moment.”
—Lukasz “Dr. Luke” Gottwald, songwriter/producer; owner, Kemosabe Records; owner, Prescription Songs (No. 63)

“End the day with zero emails in the inbox.”
—Joe Belliotti, director of global music marketing, Coca-Cola (No. 79)

“Waking up early. The only way to be productive the rest of your day is to clear that extra time in the morning.”
—Emmanuel Seuge, VP of global alliances and ventures, Coca-Cola (No. 79)
“Be awake and sleep little.”
—Afo Verde, chairman/CEO of the Latin region, Spain and Portugal, Sony Music Entertainment (No. 83)
“Get to the office at 5 am.”
—Jose Valle, president, Univision Radio (No. 99)