New Zealand's Broods Signs To Capitol In U.S., Preps Debut Album with Lorde's Producer

From left: Capitol Records SVP of A&R Mike Flynn, Capitol Music Group chairman & CEO Steve Barnett, Broods’ Georgia Nott and Caleb Nott, Broods’ manager Ashley Page, and Polydor UK president Ferdy Unger-Hamilton

Broods, a brother-sister alternative duo from New Zealand, finalized a label deal with Capitol in the U.S. and Polydor in the U.K. on Tuesday afternoon (Dec. 3). The group's debut EP is due out in February 2014, with a full-length to follow in August.

Broods, composed of 21-year-old Caleb Nott and 19-year-old Georgia Nott, has only released one song thus far, after the siblings shifted their focuses toward the project at the beginning of this year. "Bridges," an icy blast of pop music, was posted online in October, and has since earned over 300,000 plays on YouTube and 272,000 streams on the group's official Soundcloud.

Broods hail from Auckland, the same metropolitan area of New Zealand as Lorde, and like the 17-year-old "Royals" singer, the duo's debut EP and album will be produced entirely by Joel Little. The New Zealand producer was introduced to the Nott siblings through his manager, Ashley Page, and has worked closely with Broods since the duo's inception (Page has since become the duo's manager as well).

"[The Lorde comparison] has come up quite a bit, but I kind of expected that -- working with Joel and being a girl that's from New Zealand, that kind of meets the criteria of a Lorde impersonator," Georgia Nott told Billboard last month. "I think Lorde's incredibly talented, and…  it's impossible not to be in awe of her or be influenced by her in some way, but we have to build our own identity outside of 'Lorde and the rest of New Zealand music.'" 

As of November, Broods had "three other songs apart from 'Bridges' that are worthy of getting mastered" for their debut EP, according to Nott. In November 2012, Lorde posted her debut EP, "The Love Club," online for free before eventually signing a U.S. deal with Lava/Republic.