Reggaetón star Daddy Yankee’s legal team is seeking a judgement not withstanding verdict following a jury’s decision to impose a $6 million penalty against the artist, his label El Cartel Records, plus his ex-booking agent Edgar Baldiri Martínez and agency, Icaro Services.

The penalty stems from a 2011 lawsuit filed by Argentine promoter Diego Iraola and his company Five Live Entertainment, over six concerts the star was supposed to perform in Argentina in 2010. The artist was allegedly paid nearly $800,000 upfront, but later postponed and finally canceled.

A jury in Miami found for the plaintiffs in Nov. 21 after the case was tried in the Miami Division of U.S. District Court. But the finding was not for breach of contract, but for defamation, injurious falsehood and intentional infliction of emotional distress for comments made to the press.
“The jury apparently understood that the alleged defamatory comments made by Edgar Badiris/ICaro Services were attributable to Daddy Yankee/El Cartel,” said a statement issued by Yankee’s office.

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“In the first place, I’m a man of law and order and I respect the jury’s decision although I am completely in disagreement with it,” said Yankee in the statement.  “We lost that battle but this is a 12-round fight where I trust in the All Might that justice and truth will prevail. In second place, I’ve always been very responsible with what I say to the media and on social sites, as I understand the impact they have worldwide. For this reason, all my public comments and press releases are evaluated by my media team, headed by Nevarez Communications. None of the alleged defamatory comments were made by me or much less, my communications team. Finally, this verdict and sentence is not final, and my lawyers have instructions to fight til the very end.”

Yankee’s attorneys are now asking the judge for a different judgement, notwithstanding the jury verdict.