Jay Z's Louche Gift to Yankee Robinson Cano May Run Afoul of MLB Rules

The offending watch, which Robinson Cano posted to his Instagam account

Jay Z's burgeoning career as a sports agent has hit a golden, $33,900 snag in the form a possibly rule-breaking gift that the rap superstar gave to Major League Baseball star Robinson Cano, according to a report from ESPN. Cano was the inaugural athlete for Roc Nation Sports, which announced its launch in April.

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The limited-edition, Shawn Carter-branded watch from Swiss manufacturer Hublot could run afoul of the "improper inducements" rule of the MLB Players Association, the gist of which reads:

"Any gifts or loans, or promise of gifts or loans, of money or any other thing of value with an aggregate value exceeding $500 U.S. in any calendar year, by a Player Agent or Applicant to any single player, or any persons related to or associated with such player, are prohibited... "

The rules go on to state some exceptions to the rule, one of which appears pertinent to Hova's current dustup; that when a gift is given to a player that he be represented by the agent at the time of the gift.

The Player Association is currently investigating the matter and may issue Jay Z a fine for the violation.