Irving Azoff Backstage at the BBMAs: 'Wish You Could Move the Show to the Fall' (Video)

Former Live Nation chairman Irving Azoff, who still manages such stars as Christina Aguilera -- a performer at last night's Billboard Music Awards -- stopped by the backstage area to speak with Billboard editorial director Bill Werde, who asked Azoff how he felt about the Billboard Music Awards as compared to other shows in the awards season.

"I think it does [speak to my artists]," Azoff said during the brief interview, which ran live on Billboard's Backstage live stream during the Awards show Sunday. "Unfortunately some of these come around time of year more than anything else, and with the Grammys taking such a big slot, you gotta get out your time of year. Tickets are already on sale, albums come out in the fourth quarter; it's a wonderful show, wish you could move it to the Fall."

Watch the full video below: