Backbeat: Coachella Sunday: Paul Oakenfold, Palma Violets, Danny Avila, More Hang Backstage

Team Grimes (L-R): Adrienne Butcher (manager, Estuary Records), Grimes, and Louise Cocks (publicist, Requiem Management) backstage at Coachella before Grimes' set Sunday.


(Photo: Catie Laffoon)

Coachella Day 3 started around 11 am, with afternoon performances by noteworthy acts such as Ghost BC -- who did their show in hooded robes (singer Papa Emeritus II sporting a cardinal outfit and a skull mask) -- as well as Jessie Ware, Danny Avila, and Hanni El Khatib. The evening progressed with crowds packing in for acts like “Sugarman” Rodriguez, Tame Impala, Vampire Weekend, Paul Oakenfold, and Pretty Lights before heading off to see headliners Wu Tang Clan and Red Hot Chili Peppers. The late night festival goers stayed past most of our bedtimes to see UK’s Disclosure. Throughout the day, we scoured the Coachella grounds; catching glimpses of whatever bands we could manage, all the while mingling with artists and industry folks on site.

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Check out some of our behind-the-scenes coverage below:

Grimes was in her trailer getting ready for her first Coachella show. While she was being interviewed by several media outlets, we caught up with her manager, Adrienne Butcher (Estuary Artists) and publicist Louise Cocks (REQUIEM Media) in the artist area. The ladies were chatting about some of the new projects that they have in the works. “Blonde Redhead is working on a new record. It’s very early right now. They are working with producer Drew Brown (Radiohead, Beck). Some of my other artists, BLKKATHY and Eddi Front are working on new records as well so everyone’s recording. They are all scheduled for late fall but could be moved. I’d say sometime between September and January.”

(Photo: Catie Laffoon) Palma Violets laugh backstage with tour manager Doug Marvin Sunday afternoon at Coachella.

Butcher hadn’t had time to check out many shows, however, Cocks told us that she caught a few. “Blur, The Violent Femmes, and the XX were great!” She also revealed that she’s in the process of working a variety of bands right now: “Doldrums -- he’s touring like crazy. He’s actually starting to work with Crystal Castles next week -- Majical Cloudz are releasing their album in May on Madator. Colin Stetson, Dirty Beaches, Cocorosie have a new record coming out... a lot of good stuff this year!”

(Photo: Catie Laffoon) Danny Avila soaks in the sun on the Coachella grounds. 

Palma Violets was a favorite of many fans that we caught up with on site at this year’s Coachella. The English rockers played on the Mojave Stage on Friday and stuck around to mingle on site. We ran into the band, along with their tour manager Doug Marvin. Some of the Beggars Group folks, including Todd Netter, were also on site with the band. Steve Winders (sound engineer) and Palma Violet’s two managers -- Milo Ross and Louise Latimer (Golden Arm Management) were also floating around the festival. The band and their team were buzzing about a bunch of performances that they had seen throughout the weekend, especially Grinderman, Skinny Lister, and IO Echo.

(Photo: Catie Laffoon)Danny Avila chats it up with some fans who tracked him down on the Coachella grounds.

EDM up and comer Danny Avila, performed at Coachella’s Sahara tent earlier in the afternoon. Following the gig, he was on the Coachella grounds hanging out with Kai Horstmann (Sushi 3000 & Creative Primates) who was backstage re-applying sunscreen. We walked out onto the festival grounds with the duo where several festival-goers approached us, shouted out Danny’s name, and asked for a photo with him. Avila revealed that he has a lot of music coming out right now. “I have a few tracks ready that are finished, but we’re looking for labels and trying to figure out what is going to happen with that. We’re touring nonstop and working on a lot of stuff.”

Oakenfold and crew (L-R): Mark Beaven (CEO, Advanced Alternative Media), Paul Oakenfold, Ted Emporelis (tour manager), and Tiffany Bosman (director of operations, Perfecto) backstage at Coachella. (Photo: Catie Laffoon)

Team Oakenfold -- Mark Beaven (CEO, Advanced Alternative Media), Ted Emporelis (tour manager) and Tiffany Bosman (director of operations, Perfecto) -- was bouncing around with client Paul Oakenfold who was doing interviews before his 6:20pm Sahara Tent set. The DJ/producer told that he had just returned from 3 weeks overseas in Europe. He spent a lot of time prepping for his Coachella set and took a few extra measures in order to prepare: “I went to Earth Bar and got a vitamin shot. It was the first time I ever did it and it felt really good. I told them I was on the road for 3 weeks and they gave me various different vitamins -- D, B, complex, and I felt really good. When I returned from Europe, I was really rundown. I did it on Thursday and I feel a lot better. I’d recommend it,” said Oakenfold. He also mentioned that he was bummed that Rodriguez was performing at the exact same time as him, as he was really hoping to catch his set. Bosman was hoping to see Tame Impala, but that was at the same time as Oakenfold as well. “There are so many things happening at the same time this weekend! It’s been tricky to schedule,” she said, adding that her Coachella highlight “thus far” was getting to stand on stage during Pusha T.’s set and dance along to the show.