In an effort to keep its roster "on the road at all times," Chicago-based indie Victory Records is launching an in-house touring division that will book shows for signed bands that don't have a proper booking agent, says label founder Tony Brummel.

"We're going to book them from the bottom up," Brummel tells "We'll take our small, developing acts that are too young to get an agent at a bigger agency, and get them on the road and in front of people"

Victory has tapped former Lucky Booking and Face The Music agent Josh Lacey to oversee the new touring department, and is looking to expand. "We've been interviewing people to work alongside [Lacey] or under him," Brummel says. "There's a lot of interest out there, including people who work at current booking agencies."

Driver Side Impact, 1997 and On The Last Day are the first acts the indie will books gigs for, according to Brummel.

Asked if Victory Records will take a percentage of concert earnings for shows it books, Brummel says, "We haven't even gotten there yet. It's just all about keeping bands on the road. It will be a work in progress."

He adds that bands won't be obligated to the label if a booking agency is interested in signing them. "The goal is for the to band find the appropriate person who works at a company that is fully engrossed in booking tours," he explains. "But we can at least get things started."

With the new touring division, Brummel hopes to offer bands something other labels can't. "Our job is to be a provider, and by starting this new division of the company we're becoming a better provider in the services we can offer the artist," he says. "In a selfish way, that will hopefully separate us from other labels and what they can provide."