Los Angeles-based rock indie Vagrant Records has launched a new imprint in Density Records. Vagrant, which has worked with such acts as the Get Up Kids, Dashboard Confessional and From Autumn to Ashes, among others, is launching Density to delve into heavier material than it has in the past, says Vagrant president Rich Egan.

Egan says Vagrant is not adding any staff for the imprint, but the label will be overseen by the label's head of marketing Wayne Pighini. While Vagrant has certainly delved into hard rock in the past, Egan assures that the music that comes out of Density will be "way heavier" than anything currently in Vagrant's catalog.

The first release is "Don't Worry Lady" from Kingston, Ontario-based I Hate Sally, which will be issued June 12. Egan says the label is eyeing three or four other bands at the moment.

It's not the first sub-label for Vagrant, as the label still has a relationship with StarTime International. The latter is overseen by Isaac Green, who is also the co-founder of Almost Gold Records, home to Peter Bjorn & John.