Indie label Appleseed Recordings is celebrating its 10th anniversary with a string of civic-minded compilation releases featuring new songs from such artists as Bruce Springsteen, Pete Seeger and Jon Bon Jovi.

Former consumer advocate lawyer Jim Musselman founded the indie label upon the ideal that folk music can still be used as a positive social tool. "I felt like music was going away from social change, and I felt like a lot of the social change that occurred in the ‘60s occurred because music was at the forefront," Musselman says. "Unfortunately, from a business standpoint, it's hard, because we tend to be ahead of the curve on a lot of these issues."

That disparity was never more evident than when Musselman spearheaded a collaborative effort between Seeger and Springsteen. The artists produced the song "Bring Them Home," which updated Seeger's Vietnam protest song as a plea to bring troops home from Iraq. "I believe it's important to be at the forefront when an issue occurs. When the Iraq war broke out, we got in the studio and did ‘Bring Them Home,’ and we were criticized for it and called unpatriotic," he says. "By the time the musicians came around to responding to the issue, it was too late."

Appleseed continues to release music from its roster of artists, as well as bringing in other acts to further the label's cause of social justice. To celebrate their anniversary, Appleseed will release a compilation entitled "Sowing the Seeds: The 10th Anniversary" on Sept. 11, to be followed by "Give Us Your Poor” (due Sept. 25), a compilation that benefits the Give Us Your Poor fund-raising campaign for the homeless. Both albums feature exclusive collaborations from Springsteen and Seeger.

Sweet Honey in the Rock's 'Experience...101,’ a learning-through-music themed project aimed at everyone from children to their parents, will also hit retailers on Sept. 25. "I have this concept that the music industry has given up on albums too quickly," Musselman muses. "Everyone seems to be running to the singles and the digital downloading, which we do, but I'm still going to try pushing with albums."