Hardcore act Hatebreed has signed a deal with Koch Records. Under the terms of the deal, Koch will be the worldwide distributor of a live DVD, a live album, and record of covers.

Hatebreed's first release via KOCH will be the live DVD, shot at Harpo's in Detroit late last March. "The DVD is great because it really showcases a new era, the new lineup of the band, and how hard we've been working," front man Jamey Jasta told Billboard.biz.

When the band returns from the J├Ągermeister Music Tour this summer, they plan to record another studio album. "The beauty of the deal is that we're totally free to do our next studio album with anyone we choose--whether it be my label, KOCH, or a major. We're speaking to anybody and everybody. We're open and clear to work with whomever we want," says Jasta.