Perhaps the best snapshot of indie label Mad Decent can be provided with a summary of the contents of its blog.

Visitors to the site July 23 would find a link to a Miami Bass-centric broadcast on a London pirate radio show, an obituary for Baltimore club DJ K-Swift, information about a Caribbean rave party in the United Kingdom, examples of new merch and a flier for the Mad Decent/Fool's Gold Central Park SummerStage show, which wound up packing the 5,000-capacity venue. No wonder blogger Paul Devro says that Mad Decent "is more than a label; it's a movement."

Like most labels, Mad Decent has a handful of traditional record deals with such artists as Blaqstarr and Mz Streamz. But many of the fledgling label's contracts are outside the usual models.

"We have a lot of EP and single deals as well," says Mad Decent founder Wesley Pentz, who is known to most in the music community as DJ/producer Diplo. "We just did one with the Crookers, an Italian crew. We have a single deal with Rye Rye, a teenage rapper, but she might be going to Interscope. I don't know the details, but I do know we'll be working with her team and doing production no matter what happens."

Mad Decent has also signed production deals, most recently with DJ Sega, and is also working on promoting him in other markets. Announcing a spate of deals with outfits from around the globe is a long way from Mad Decent's humble beginnings.

"It started because I was doing all these bootlegs and I needed a substantial way to get them out," Pentz says. "I was sick of just putting things on the Internet."

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