Musician Jill Sobule announced she has raised $85,000 from her fans to release her next record, "California Years," on April 14 via her own label. After being dropped by two majors, she signed to two indies, both of which went bankrupt. In January 0f 2008, she launched, where her fans could donate cash in exchange for "gifts."

A $10 contribution earned a free digital download of the album; $50 got you an advanced copy and a 'Thank You' in the liner notes; $200 earned you free admission to all of Sobule's shows for the year; and $1,000 got you your own personal Sobule-penned "theme song." Three people who donated $5,000 got Sobule to come play at their house, and the one fan who donated $10,000 got to sing on the album.

Sobule is best known for her 1995 pop hits "I Kissed a Girl" and "Supermodel."