Atlantic has announced that it will relaunch the Elektra Records imprint, which has been dormant since 2004. The label will be run by Fueled By Ramen founder John Janick and Atlantic executive VP of A&R Mike Caren.

While the new presidents say they are planning on signing new artists, the first three artists to join the label all have established relationships with Atlantic. The first album released on Elektra was the soundtrack for the HBO show "True Blood," which dropped on May 19. The company's next release will be the U.S. debut of U.K. dance artist Little Boots, whose EP "Illuminations" is scheduled for release on June 9.

Janick and Caren also say they've signed two other Atlantic artists, rapper Cee-Lo and French electronic duo Justice, and hope to release new albums from both in 2010. However, their plans for Justice since the announcement are hitting some snags.

According to a statement released by Downtown Records, "Justice's album "Cross" is currently under license to Downtown Music for the US, and the band is signed to Ed Banger/Because, not to Elektra/Atlantic. Because has a deal with Warner Music International - Justice is NOT signed to Elektra."

A source at Atlantic later clarified that Justice has an upstream deal with the label after their latest album, "Cross," sells more than 100,000 copies. At the time of the announcement, Justice had sold just under 100,000 units, according to Nielsen Soundscan, and as of right now, they have sold over 100,000.

Any future pressings of "Cross" will bear the Elektra logo. But the duo remain signed to French label Because and have not made any deals for a forthcoming album."

Janick and Caren say they were approached by Atlantic co-chairs and COO's Julie Greenwald and Craig Kallman to head up the imprint.

"When Elektra merged with Atlantic five years ago, we always knew the right moment would come to bring it back to life," said Kallman and Greenwald. "The great news is that we have found the perfect people to do it. John and Mike are two of the most passionate, creative, forward-thinking young executives in our business. They both started their careers as teenagers and have gone on to champion some of the most exciting new music of the last decade. The independent, entrepreneurial spirit that long defined Elektra is in great hands, and we are truly thrilled to see the label take flight once again."

Janick also suggests the approaching 60th anniversary of the launch of Elektra as another reason for the relaunch of the imprint.

"We are planning on building an eclectic brand," Janick says. "We're looking for artists with potential. We're not an incubator label; we're going to develop artists and get them to the next level."

He adds that he will continue to run Fueled By Ramen and extend the 360 model they have used to Elektra, noting that Little Boots is a 360 artist.