The second panel of the New Music Seminar focused on the importance of managing relationships with fans, and using data from those fans in meaningful ways.

Tim Westergren of Pandora told the audience his company is in the process of developing tools for artists to track plays and ratings and see data about listener locations. Emily White of Whitesmith Management pointed out that analytics are critical to an artist's success - merely having fans without knowing anything about them is useless. White also offered examples of how bands can cater to their fans - for instance, knowing what time the public transportation system in a given city stops running and ending their shows in advance of it.

Steve Greenberg of S-Curve Records offered another example of fan engagement, saying that artists could offer a "bring two friends, get in for free deal" to core fans. But both Greenberg and White warned that overusing Twitter or any other form of fan communication can end up turning people off.