Panel: "How the Internet Is Disrupting the Concert Industry"
Participants: Ian Hogharth (Songkick)

The presentation gave a quick primer on the concert industry, followed by a snapshot of how new start-ups are impacting how concerts are organized, ticketed, discovered, experienced and remembered. Ian Hogarth, co-founder/CEO of London-based Songkick, walked the audience through the many start-ups that are changing the concert business.

Why You Should Care:
Disruption is going to increase as online services change how tickets are sold, how fans share and communicate, and how the concert experience is shared. Hogarth mentioned over a dozen leading companies in the space. Gigbox and Hot Potato help people share the experience.

The Takeaways:
Online Ticketing Has Tons of Potential
Companies like Ticketfly, Crowdsurge, Eventbrite and Topspin are offering artists and venues a way to sell tickets directly to consumers. Hogarth is especially bullish on the eventual appearance of services that sell unsold tickets at distressed prices, a market he believes is currently very underserved.

Services Will Help People Find Concerts
Startups such as Tourfilter, Bands In Town, JamBase, Sonicliving, Eventbrite and Songkick are connecting people with events and trying to make sure nobody misses an event out of ignorance.

Services Will Help Aggregate Concert Experiences
New services aggregate events and allow users to share experiences related to those events. Aggregation and sharing create a powerful combination when there is high volume. Songkick has more than 1.4 million gigs in its database and users have uploaded over 100,000 set lists for other users to view. Panel Rating?
Three out of four. The panel started slowly, but turned out to be an excellent overview of the online concert and ticketing space. These companies are worth checking out and following.

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