record store day map

Saturday is official Record Store Day, which means it's almost time to implement your H2BB (home-to-business bicycle) to purchase vinyl music, if you're the type, as even relatively young digital music consumers appear to be.

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But Record Store Day doesn't just have to be a nostalgia-fueled attempt to keep physical music stores in business. It can also be an app, of course. Ironic though it may be to use apps to seek out discs on Record Store Day, it makes perfect sense these days.

This year, eMusic has a solid entry in that department: an interactive heat map of the United States and United Kingdom that lets you enter a zip code in order to see where the record stores are around you, as well as all the Instragram photos people are posting in your area tagged with the official "#RSD12" designation.

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Record Store Day hasn't started yet, of course. But so far we've already noticed that over 120 photos on Instagram with that hashtag, mostly depicting the records that people are buying -- or of records that stores are trying to sell tomorrow. As more appear, you'll be able to spot them on eMusic's interactive heat map, and click to see what they bought (if only to check it out in Spotify or Grooveshark).

Of course, eMusic has other content around the app, including updates from its editors as they make their own purchases and contests to win a nice big pile of vinyl (yes, real vinyl, not like this) or an eMusic, which you can enter to win by sharing the map on your Facebook page.

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That's great, but what mainly interests us today, on Record Store Day Eve, is that you'll be able to use not one but three apps ( eMusic's map, Instagram, and Facebook -- not to mention the official Record Store Day mobile apps) to get more out of a day designed to highlight the pleasures of physical media.