The financial year 2013 of the German collection society GEMA  in Munich has been successful. The total income GEMA has received from all rightsholders was €852.4 million (about $1.18 billion), an increase of 3.9% over the previous year. The group's operative costs were 14.9%, down from 15.4% in 2012, amounting to a payout total of €720 million.

“We have positive developments for the online basis," said Dr. Harald Heker, CEO of GEMA, in a statement. "A lot of streaming and download services license through GEMA. At the end of 2013, we were able to [lock down] a general license agreement with the association of the private radio and television (VPRT). This agreement includes the GEMA repertoire for advertised streaming services.”


The decrease of the physical market, and the upward trend of web-based music services, continued through last year. The revenues from physical came to €110.4 million, a decrease of €6.6 million, or 5.6 percent, over 2012.
Digital continued its positive trend; total revenues increased €9.5 million, being 56,2 percent to a total of €26.4 million. Because of new general agreements with the public TV and radio stations ARD/ZDF about the tariffs from 2009 on total revenues of €292.2 million could be reached. This is a plus of €31.4 million or 12.0%.
GEMA represents over 65,000 music authors.