Managing director, Latin America


Managing director, Asia Pacific


Chief sales officer

A year ago Spotify was available in 20 countries. Today that number is 55—and it will continue to grow in 2014. “For us [the growth is in] Latin America, Asia and Africa,” CEO Daniel Ek says. Spotify has yet to launch in any of Africa’s 56 countries but the company hired managing directors for Asia and Latin America last year. Sunita Kaur joined Spotify in July to head the company’s Asia Pacific operations from its Singapore office. A 17-year veteran of media companies, Kaur was most recently an advertising director at Facebook. Gustavo Diament became the managing director of Spotify’s business in Latin America in September. He was previously a director of marketing and strategy at wireless company Claro. Latin America accounted for most of the 20 countries in which Spotify launched in December: Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Peru, Bolivia, Panama, Paraguay, Nicaragua, Ecuador, El Salvador and the Dominican Republic. The company has also targeted the larger nations in the Americas. Spotify launched in Mexico in April and, judging from its posted job openings, is planning for a launch in Brazil. Job postings also suggest an impending launch in Asia’s largest recorded-music market, Japan. —Glenn Peoples