President of global digital business and U.S. sales, Sony Music Entertainment

Dennis Kooker oversees Sony Music’s digital business around the world,
apart from Japan. He and his team work with Sony’s various business units to set Sony’s digital priorities, negotiate licensing deals, execute global and multiterritory sales initiatives and work to build the businesses of Sony’s partners. (In the United States, Kooker oversees physical sales as well as the independent distribution business at RED.) In the past year, Sony has worked on the opportunities that digital distribution presents around the world, Kooker says. “It still feels like we are just at the tip of the iceberg with the potential for growth and restoring the music industry to growth after a long period of decline.” The company is investing in digital services and solutions in emerging markets like India, Indonesia and Africa. Investment in these places is needed “to ensure we are building the local expertise necessary to be successful,” he says. To that end, a member of the global digital business team now works from Africa. Kooker, who reports to Sony Music CEO Doug Morris, sits on the boards of Vevo, the Orchard and Omnifone. —Glenn Peoples