Executive chairman

As CEO of IFPI, the international trade organization of the recording industry, Frances Moore protects the interests of IFPI’s 1,300 members in 66 countries. A leading force in the battle against piracy, Moore cites IFPI’s role in securing the introduction of performance and broadcasting rights in Singapore among her proudest achievements of the past 12 months. Last year, IFPI also made strong progress in elevating the issue of copyright protection in China’s political agenda, while the organization’s successful lobbying for website blocking on an international level greatly reduced illegal revenue. “In 2013 we helped make the Internet a better place for our members to do business, ensuring that [Internet service providers] started to block illegal websites and cooperating with payment providers to starve pirate sites of funding,” says the London-based Moore, who was appointed CEO in 2010. “We also demonstrated to policymakers the continuing value of copyright in the face of a campaign by some big technology companies to weaken it for their own corporate benefit.” As for the future, Moore says, “IFPI will continue to change perceptions of the recording industry from a sector threatened by the digital agenda to one which is leading it.” —Richard Smirke