VP of global alliances and ventures


Head of global music marketing

Coca-Cola’s formidable power as a global music player can first be charted by the growth of Spotify. The streaming service expanded to 15 new territories in 2013 as a direct result of Coca-Cola’s minority investment in the company in 2012. “We took a risk in investing in Spotify, but today it’s a certainty,” VP of global alliances and ventures Emmanuel Seuge says. “Streaming has become so much more the norm of how people listen to music, and we feel so proud and committed to do much more.” Many of Coca-Cola’s global music initiatives are tied to its sponsorship of the Olympics and the World Cup, the latter of which will have its original anthem performed in different territories by artists like Carlos Vives and U.S. “X Factor” finalist David Correy in 2014, led by head of global music marketing Joe Belliotti. But there’s also the Coke Studio, a branded content platform in 23 countries; Coke FM and Coke TV, which broadcast Coke-branded events like Viva Latino; and a global venture with Chicago-based licensing service Music Dealers, which opened its first international office in Mexico City last year on the back of Coke’s investment. “We’ve completed projects with over 200 artists who don’t have a record label or publishing deal in the last two years,” Belliotti says, “and we’re excited about further growth in the emerging artist space.” —Andrew Hampp