As previously reported, this year's edition of long-running international music conference Midem sees the launch of Midem Talks, a new four-day series of discussions led by prominent members of the industry. The Talks, which take place Feb. 1-Feb. 3 from 4-7 p.m. in Cannes, France, are part of Midem director Bruno Crolot's plans to incorporate discussion of how non-musical entities can benefit the music industry. will live-stream these talks, which feature head of WME's music division Marc Geiger, CMO of Chrystler and Fiat and head of the Fiat brand Olivier Francois, CISAC president Jean Michael Jarre, and Vevo's Rio Careff and Rita Ora, the British singer-songwriter.

For his keynote presentation, "20 Years of Pain: No More Fooling Around," Geiger will present his version of the music industry's future in the digital age. Jarre, an electronic music pioneer, will discuss his belief that the music industry cannot move forward without ensuring remuneration for all stakeholders, especially creators, in his interview "Fair Share for Creators." As for her talk, Ora will discuss her partnership with video streaming platform VEVO's artist development program, Lift, and Francois will kick things off with his headlining speech, built around the Midem theme "Back to Growth? Make It Sustainable." 

Check in a few weeks for links to the live streams.