A Crate-Digger's Christmas Playlist by Paul Cebar

Paul Cebar, is a musician out of Milwaukee Wisconsin. His new Paul Cebar Tomorrow Sound record "Fine Rude Thing" is out Jan 14 and the band will be on tour this winter.

While charmed by the odd balm of a New Orleans Christmas, 15 or so years ago, I got to thinking on the unlikely pairing of snow and the birth of a wonder child in Bethlehem that was at the puzzling heart of a Milwaukee boyhood. 

Through the course of my thirty years volunteering at listener sponsored WMSE in Milwaukee, WI, I've enjoyed the excavation project of uncovering uncommon holiday music from any and all corners.  This playlist is culled from a show that will air and stream on Christmas morning from 9AM 'til Noon Central on WMSE (wmse.org).  It begins with a selection from what I've come to think of as the finest Christmas record extant, The Staple Singers' The 25th Day of December and careens through terrain decidedly less earnest but appositely effervescent. [Continues after playlist below]

In recent years I've taken quite a shine to contemporary Trinidadian holiday works.  Leon Cordero's two selections, Curry Christmas and Ron  reflect the multi-culti fertility of Caribbean celebration.  Strongly colored by nearby Venezuela and related Parranda caroling traditions in Puerto Rico, the Trinidadian variety goes by the name of Parang and also features the cuatro guitar.

Finally, a few selections from this year's thinking girl's Christmas record, Nick Lowe's Quality Street and the golden chance to play Cuba's, sadly, recently deceased Senén Suárez, whose rough and ready recordings elude the most dogged record hounds I've known.  (Youtube allows tantalizing live glimpses of what must be some grand records.)

So, Ho, Ho, Ho merry roast pork and rum and a pleasantly scrambled New Year to you and yours.