Everything Is New Project Empowers India's 'Untouchable' Children, Features Jarvis Cocker, Four Tet

It's a well-established idea that participating in music can have a positive influence on a child's life, and maybe none more so than those living at the Light of Love Children's Home in Tuni, southeastern India. It's there that a Scottish arts collective and charity, Transgressive North and Scottish Love in Action (which helps to fund the Light of Love) respectively, have focused their efforts into the Everything Is New Project, a three-phase work focused towards countering a perception of being Dalit, "untouchable," that the 600 children at Light of Love are born into.

The Everything Is New Project set out to do so by empowering these by creating, alongside them, works within "the cultural forms they found most meaningful" -- namely music and film. The first of the results, "Sun Choir," is an album composed via the collaborative efforts of artists such as Jarvis Cocker, Owen Pallett, and novelist Irvine Welsh, eleven lush, dactylic songs written for and recorded by the Light of Love Children's Choir. The other is a two-record compilation, Transgressive North's "BOATS," which features 31 artists including Four Tet (whose contribution you can hear below), No Age, Lucky Dragons, Dan Deacon, doseone and El Guincho, creating original works from the children's choir vocals, recorded for "Sun Choir." The result is an impressive, touching, and dramatic collection of pieces from a wide breadth of talented modern artists.

Everything Is New began when a Transgressive North member named Jenny Chambers visited Tuni and the Light of Love, and was struck by the Home's positivity and the work being done. Chambers returned home to Scotland, drawing her group's attention to collaborating with Scottish Love in Action, in order to do something for the kids living there. The result of Chambers' notion ended up drawing in the work of over 1,000 people, across several continents and seven years.

A film was also produced, starring the Light of Love Children's Choir and described as "an empowering new fable... where children defy adults and prevailing orthodoxies to bring change and renewal to a dying society," which will be included with physical copies of "Sun Choir." The albums and film will be made available on January 20, with revenue going primarily to Scottish Love in Action's work for children in India, and a small portion going to Transgressive North in order to pursue similar projects.