Just 24 hours after unveiling its service to the music industry, the independent record sector's new licensing agency Merlin has struck its first agreement.

Merlin has agreed to terms with Snocap, which will enable works from indie labels to be made available to the digital music company's MyStore project.

The MyStore offering will allow indie artists and labels to sell MP3 downloads from their MySpace pages, and other sites; MyStores is a portable retail initiative that can be dropped in to any Web site.

In a joint statement, Rusty Rueff Snocap CEO says the Merlin relationship was "incredibly valuable to us."

Charles Caldas, Merlin CEO, added, "The Snocap deal is a perfect example of the value that Merlin brings to it's members and to new music services, by creating an easy one-stop mechanism for both to do business."

The agreement is in the form of a global template deal, which will be offered to all Merlin's global indie members over coming days.