Attendance at the Midem 2007 music market was down by more than 300 delegates compared with last year's event, organizers said today (Jan. 24).

By close of proceedings on Tuesday (Jan. 23), organizers Reed Midem tallied 9,452 attendees, compared with 9,798 attendees for Midem 2006, the confab's 40th anniversary edition.

At the same time, the two-day technology and new media conference MidemNet, which began Jan. 20, gathered 1,322 participants, up from 1,206 for the entire MidemNet convention in 2006.

Although footfall at Midem has slipped, the music market's director Dominique Leguern remains confident that some areas of the business - including technology and the live sector - were flourishing.

"A lot of revenues will come from the mobile," Leguern said this morning at a breakfast press gathering to unveil Midem 2007 statistics. "Let's be optimistic in this direction. Technology is going to fill our hopes. It's going to happen."

The total number of companies attending Midem fell to 4,606, down from 4,627, while the number exhibiting companies rose to 2,376 from 2,310.

Leguern added, "You know the record industry is not at the top of health. We are a music-industry market, not a record industry market, which makes a difference."

Midem concludes tonight (Jan. 24) with Paris-based dance label Pschent's closing party at the Martinez Hotel.