The Danish Anti-Pirate Group (APG) is to divide DKr 700,000 ($123,000) recouped from compensation cases involving pirated materials, among 50 artists.

The group did not name the recipients or the amounts, but said there were established names and unknowns among the artists.

"The group is attempting to put money from illegal copying and file sharing back into the pockets they were taken from," says Marianne Van Tornburg, who was on the panel that sorted the applications and chose the recipients.

APG plans to distribute grants again next year. "As we collect more compensation fees from the many cases pending, it's our intention that the money should be distributed among artists," says Niels Bo Jørgensen, the manager of APG.

The APG consists of the members of IFPI Denmark; Danish Video Distributors Assn.; Danish Film Distributors Assn.; KODA (Composers, Publishers and Songwriters in Denmark); Nordic Copyright Bureau; the Danish Musicians' Union and the Danish Artists Assn.