Digital music sales in Germany last year rose by about one third compared with 2005, according to a new report.

The volume of legitimate download sales of tracks and bundles climbed to 26 million, compared to 20 million in 2005, generating sales of €48 million ($64 million), industry body BITKOM claims in a new publication issued this week.

BITKOM, is the association of the IT, telecommunications and new media industries in Germany, representing 800 members with sales totalling €120 billion ($160 billion).

The report's data is based on a survey conducted by market research institute GfK Panel Services in Nuernberg. The survey tracked digital sales tendencies in specific demographics, revealing that consumers under 30 years of age account for 45% of all digital music buyers. With physical media such as CDs the average age of customers is around 39 years, reports BITKOM.

Digital sales are projected to exceed the €50 million ($66 million) mark for the first time in 2007, according to BITKOM vice president Joerg Menno Harms. The IFPI is due to release its figures for 2006 at the end of March.