Yahoo-Kimo, Yahoo's Taiwanese subsidiary, says it will shut down its music-download service on March 27.

Yahoo-Kimo Music launched on March 15, 2006 on a free trial basis and started to charge users on March 27, 2006.

"We're terminating the service because we've decided to focus on our core businesses, including our Internet portal, online community and advertising," says Dennis Yang, director of Yahoo-Kimo's entertainment business service.

The Yahoo-Kimo portal, which will continue to provide music news and information, will now direct users to local music-download service KKBOX's Web site.

Yahoo-Kimo Music attracted only a small number of paid subscribers after the initial trial period, says Yahoo-Kimo spokesperson Ruu Wu.

Last September, Yahoo-Kimo teamed up with Kuro, previously Taiwan's biggest P2P service, after Kuro lost a legal battle with the IFPI and then made the transition into a legitimate download site. The Yahoo-Kuro agreement ended Dec. 31.