The U.K.'s Phonographic Performance Ltd (PPL) has struck new, separate agreements with societies in Russia and Japan.

The collecting society's bilateral deal with the Russian Phonographic Assn. (RPA) ensures that record companies whose rights it manages internationally are now represented in Russia for the collection of broadcast and public performance revenue. PPL will represent equivalent Russian record companies in the U.K.

"Russia is a growth market for our repertoire and whilst we are all aware of the problems associated with working in Russia, RPA is doing a tremendous job at driving up its collection levels which have more than doubled in the last two years," comments Laurence Oxenbury, PPL head of international, in a statement issued today. "PPL is also keen to ensure that the media services which serve the Russian population in the U.K. are properly licensed and this agreement facilitates this by adding to the repertoire which PPL controls."

London-based PPL has also renewed and extended its agreement with the Japanese performers' society Centre for Performers' Rights Administration (CPRA). As well as covering broadcast and private copying revenue in Japan, the agreement will also safeguard income from the rental market. Japan is one of the few countries that still has a record rental market, PPL notes.

"These respective deals are part of PPL's growing portfolio of international agreements for both performers and producers," adds Fran Nevrkla, chairman and CEO, PPL and VPL, in the statement. "International revenues are growing at a very substantial rate and, given the expertise and dedication of our staff coupled with our comprehensive systems, we are ideally placed to deliver what are becoming increasingly important revenue streams to all our constituents as their recordings are used more and more on a global basis."

PPL is the London-based U.K. music industry service company that licenses recorded music on behalf of over 3,500 record companies and 40,000 performers.