Officials from the bailiff's court in Aarhus, Denmark have raided CD Wow's offices serving the Danish market, according to the national arm of the IFPI.

Officials on May 14 confiscated accounting material, correspondence and other evidence after IFPI and the video producers' organization FDV had purchased what they call "illegally imported" CDs and DVDs from the online retailer.

IFPI says many of the Hong Kong-based Internet CD and DVD vendor's products were imported from countries outside the European Economic Community. Danish and EU laws prohibit the sale of such material within the community's borders as they can undersell the market.

Some of the DVDs did not have customer advisory statements regarding minimum age for purchase, a breach of Danish law, IFPI reports. The CDs confiscated were not the same versions as those sold through approved channels in Denmark.

The bailiff's court has ordered CD Wow stop the sale of the materials.

The confiscated items were found at two addresses -- one commercial, the other private -- in Aarhus, about 150 miles west of Copenhagen.

The Danish Anti Pirate Group originally took legal action against CD Wow on Oct. 19, 2006 to claim compensation for the illegal imports.

The bailiff's court will prepare a report on the confiscated materials and release it to owners of intellectual rights ahead of any further action.

No dates were set for further action.