Australian rock legend Chris Bailey is throwing his clout behind a Billboard-sponsored gig devoted to bands from Down Under as part of the five-day City Showcase festival of events, which begins today in central London.

Bailey, who has performed as the Saints under various guises through the years, will curate and perform June 6 at the Australian music night, which returns this year at the Metro Club. He will share the podium with rising acts Roundabout City and the Kits.

Billboard's inaugural 2006 Australian music night at City Showcase featured performances from Berlin-based electro outfit Team Plastique and ARIA Award-winning roots band the Audreys.

Considered one of the first and most influential punk groups, the Saints have been described by Bob Geldof as "one of the three bands which changed the 1970s," the others being the Sex Pistols and the Ramones.

The following evening, the hot music scenes of Canada will also come under the microscope at the Billboard-sponsored Canada Rocks night, also at the Metro Club, featuring newcomers Anthill, Broadcast Radio, Kate Rogers and Infotourist.

Billboard global editor/London bureau chief Mark Sutherland and Billboard global news editor Lars Brandle are among the participants of a June 7 daylong program of workshops and discussions. The City Showcase International Day in association with Billboard will cover such topics as DIY and the commercial realities of the music business.

City Showcase is a non-profit organization launched in 2003 to expose emerging creative talent.