Vue Cinemas, one of the U.K.'s leading cinema chains, is to simulcast one of Genesis' world tour concerts nationwide on June 27.

Vue will transmit the live gig from the 51,500-capacity LTU Arena in Duesseldorf, Germany, to all its 40 cinema theaters, including London's West End multiplexes. The Vue venues carry a combined capacity of 11,000-plus seats.

Using satellite signals, on-site mobile recording studios, High-Definition pictures and Dolby Digital's surround-sound 5.1 signals, Vue hopes to re-enact the real-time live experience for customers. Tickets for the cinema event will cost £10-£25 ($19.66-$49.14).

Vue has previously beamed live rock and pop concerts for acts such as Queen, Green Day, Pink Floyd, and the U.K. leg of the 2005 Live 8 event, in selected venues.

Genesis manager Tony Smith said in a statement: "Given that many people couldn't get tickets as the shows in Twickenham (July 8) and Old Trafford (July 7) sold out in two hours, this gives a unique opportunity to reach many disappointed fans throughout the United Kingdom."

For Vue, the move is part of cinema owners' plans to use digital technology to show alternative content, including live concerts, sports events and even interactive video games, during hours when their theaters might otherwise be closed.

Genesis -- comprising Phil Collins, Mike Rutherford and Tony Banks -- announced plans last November for their European "Turn It On Again" comeback tour.