Online music marketplace Ricall has re-launched its Web site, saying it will use customized patent pending technology to connect professional buyers of music directly with copyright holders, free of charge.

The system also eliminates the commission or "finder's fee" that is traditionally charged on top of the cost of a synchronization license, which can often amount to thousands.

London-based Ricall, which was launched in 1998, now claims an online library of four million tracks, following a deal earlier this year with Sony BMG. The site's search engine can enable users to search by mood, activity, demographic, tempo, lyric, instrument, vocal and chart position. The company has also developed a series of sub-sites for copyright owners to enable clients to promote their catalogues to commercial music buyers.

The company says it now connects more than 3,500 record companies and 22,000 music publishers with around 5,000 music buyers including advertising agencies, broadcasters, film, TV and computer game firms, corporate operators and new media companies.

Some labels plan to use to Ricall platform to manage and process their entire synchronization license operation.