Live Nation U.K. today revamped its Web site, marking the first stage of the giant promoter's plans to streamline its suite of international sites.

The goal, explains Mark Yovich, Live Nation's London-based senior VP of digital, international, is to create the most comprehensive concert-related Web service anywhere in the world.

"There isn't really a site out there that does that across Europe," Yovich tells "We want to every concert in any country on there, no matter who promotes it."

The international sites' format will be based on the current U.S.-focused central Web site.

And as a starting point, Live Nation's U.K. site will rely on the U.S. service's technology for its re-launch.

The new site will focus on concerts and festivals only, Yovich explains. The same format will be applied to new Web sites in France and Italy in the coming weeks.

By the end of 2007, there will be new sites for 12 other international markets, including the Netherlands, Spain, Belgium and the Nordic markets, plus Eastern European territories such as Poland and Hungary.

"By the end of the year, users will be able to see (the details) of a whole tour in Europe. You will even be able to find the next concert in your specific area, the next ones in your country, and the next ones in the whole of Europe," Yovich adds.

At the beginning of 2008, Yovich also expects a site for its Asian headquarters in Hong Kong.

In addition to accessing exclusive tickets before they go on sale, registered users of the Web sites will also be able to purchase artists-related merchandise from a stock of 20,000 pieces.

The fulfilment company in Europe and United States is London-based Backstreet International Merchandise, which will work with local acts to offer their products via the local Web site.