Technology and art have formed a symbiotic relationship to ensure that the songs of popular Malaysian recording group the Alleycats live on through a video competition.

The Alleycats have recorded 29 albums with Universal Music since their 1969 debut - making them Malaysia's longest-surviving band. Loganathan Arumugam, 54, a founding member and lead singer of the group, died on June 4 after an eight-month battle with lung cancer, and the band is now holding auditions for a new singer.

The video competition, jointly organized by Universal Music and NGT Solutions, a Kuala Lumpur-based company that provides transcoding services for the conversion of music files into mobile-friendly formats, is a tribute to the late singer.

The competition, which is open to the public, launched on June 25 and will run for two months.

It requires participants to submit a 90-second visual interpretation of any Alleycats hit song sold in digital-download form through the Creative Factory portal, managed by NGTS.

The shortlisted 12 entries will receive additional funding to complete the music video. The works of the finalists will be packaged in VCD and DVD formats.

The music videos will be commercially available in digital and traditional platforms -- mobile, online, VCD and DVD. And instead of receiving a flat fee -- as is normal in Malaysia -- video creators will be paid performance royalties.

Kuala Lumpur-based Universal Music Asia-Pacific VP Sandy Monteiro says the competition will create opportunities for fresh creative talents, enhance the quality of local content works, and help participants have a better understanding of the digital business.

"The big picture in organizing this competition is to encourage 'content-preneurs' in developing local content," says NGT Solutions CEO J.L. Solomon. "We believe that local content creation will flourish with technological advancements."

Universal Music plans to organize a similar competition in support of rock band Spider's new album.