Saturday's international Live Earth environment-awareness concerts drew more than 10 million live online streams, the most in history for an entertainment show, according to Microsoft's MSN portal.

The Webcast achieved "a milestone in live Internet broadcasting," explained Joanne Bradford, corporate VP and chief media officer of MSN.

The multi-continent concerts, organized by Al Gore and Kevin Wall, surpassed AOL's coverage of the Live 8 concerts in July 2005, which reported 5 million unique users, rather than streams. Live 8 was streamed by users more than 100 million times in the six weeks following the shows.

"We expect to see an even greater number of streams after the concerts are over as people return to watch their favorite performances or enjoy them for the first time if they missed the concerts live," she added.

Online footage of the concerts and exclusive content from the event has since been made available free via

Despite the event's big success online, TV viewers in the U.K. were not so hot on the global warming-awareness event, initial viewing figures suggest.

The BBC1's live afternoon television coverage attracted a TV audience of less than a third of the gathering which watched the previous week's Concert for Diana on the same channel.

Live Earth grabbed a 25% share, and the coverage peaked with 4.5 million viewers during Madonna's headline performance. In comparison, the Concert for Diana drew a 60% peak and 14.8 million viewers.

A spokesman for Live Earth declined to comment on the U.K. viewing figures.