The PIAS Group, the pan-European independent label and distributor, has elected to use the Record Maestro royalty-processing and rights-management system.

Created by U.K.-based Counterpoint Systems, the Record Maestro software enables PIAS to process and calculate royalties, to manage the artists and labels' rights, and to ensure they get paid for music sold digitally or physically.

To do this, the system is able to take on board PIAS Group's pan-European sales, marketing, promotion and distribution operations.

The technology will also handle the operation of Vital Distribution, PIAS' U.K. sales and distribution unit, and Vital: PIAS Digital, which manages the digital distribution for more than 100 independent labels.

"We wanted a system that could support our evolving and fast-growing digital business, provide us with a solution to report on physical, digital and other incomes in an integrated way and allow us to make all the information easily available to our labels and artists," said Nick Hartley, CEO PIAS U.K. Group, in a statement.

Counterpoint's system will replace PIAS' current "bespoke in-house developed and supported solution," a PIAS spokesperson said.