Universal Music Group International has sealed an experimental deal in which Vringo, an Israeli-based video-ringtone developer, will offer its subscribers video ringtones centered on UGMI's catalog.

Using their mobile handsets or a PC, Vringo subscribers can download a two to 10-second video clip of a UMGI act, as part of a Beta trial.

The clip can then be used for making personalized calls. Whenever the subscriber telephones someone, the recipient will see the video clip, and hear the UMGI track instead of the standard ringtone.

Subscribers can select from a wide repertoire of video clips, including premium-priced clips, free promotional clips, and user-generated content that they can upload video-camera phones.

Rob Wells, UMGI's London-based senior VP digital, commented in a statement: "The Universal Music videos being delivered to Vringo customers showcase the world's most popular artists and musicians, performing their landmark hits."

The service features a viral option that enables anyone on the caller's list of "buddies" to access the Vringo video ringtone. Moreover, the sender can use the clip as part of a multimedia message with a link that offers the recipient the means to order related CDs, DVDs and movie tickets.