Live Earth concerts at Wembley Stadium in London and Giants Stadium in East
Rutherford, N.J., Saturday, both produced by Live Nation, were sellouts, grossing a combined total of almost $14 million.

The London Live Earth show came off "as close to perfect as we could have wished for," says Stuart Galbraith, managing director of Live Nation UK, producers of the Wembley Stadium show that featured such acts as Metallica and Madonna.

In terms of box office, Live Earth London was a huge success, reflective of a white-hot London concert market. Ticket sales were conducted by lottery system, with more than 400,000 applications turned in. When tickets were released once production was finalized, they were immediately spoken for. As it turned out, attendance was roughly 71,000, the highest attendance to date in the newly reconstructed Wembley, and the gross was $7.8 million U.S. (3.9 million pound sterling).

Logistically, the London show came off flawlessly. "At one point we were 25 minutes behind [schedule] but we had certain satellite linkup moments that we had to hit and we hit them," Galbraith tells "The show actually finished at 10:29 and 30 seconds and our curfew was 10:30."

In East Rutherford, N.J., where Live Earth featured the Police, Kanye West, Bon Jovi and Keith Urban, Live Nation New York president Bruce Moran says he is "not sure it could have come off any better from our perspective." Despite the visible empty seats largely due to production kills and a 220-degree set design, Moran says Live Earth was a sellout at Giants Stadium. "We were clean, we sold it out," he says. Attendance was about 52,000, with a gross of about $6,090,000.