Korean pop star Rain and his tour team are not responsible for the cancelation of the singer's scheduled June 30 concert at Los Angeles' Staples Center, the artist's tour coordinator claims.

According to Steven Kim, president of Yellow 9 Entertainment, the Seoul-based tour production and coordination company that organized Rain's world tour, the Los Angeles show promoter V2B Global was supposed to supply the stage, lighting and other basic infrastructure. Kim claims the promoter's checks bounced, causing many delays.

Kim also says Yellow 9 was not told until the day of the concert that a large video screen used in Rain's show required a special safety certification, despite being used in many previous venues in various countries.

The certification could not be obtained in time, and as a result of the screen and other problems, the show was canceled.

Rain's world tour began in December and has featured over 35 shows throughout South Korea, as well as dates in Singapore, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, China, Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong, the Philippines, Taiwan and the United States.

Rain, whose real name is Jung Ji-hoon, is now heading to Germany where he is filming a role in the new Wachowski brothers film "Speed Racer."

Rain's former record label, the Seoul-based JYP Entertainment, estimates that the four Rain albums it has released have sold a total of more than 2 million copies in all territories, including South Korea.

Rain left JYP Entertainment in May and is currently independent.

In a statement posted on its official Web site, V2B Global refuted Yellow 9's allegations. "V2B Global exercised all possible options to continue this concert.

However, (the Korean Production Team) from Korea unknowingly to V2B Global canceled the show without our consent. With a strong group of sponsors, fans, media to support us and nearly 80% of the venue filled, we were in a perfect position to commence with this concert."

In a statement posted on its official Web site, V2B Global said, "We apologize to everyone for the cancellation for the Rain's Coming World Tour in Los Angeles," and gave readers details on ticket refunds.

V2B Global did not respond to queries about Yellow 9's allegations before going to press.