Belgian ARS Productions has launched ARS Digital, which offers an efficient way to give the country's radio stations access to the independent label's new releases.

The service, which covers about 200 radio stations in Belgium's Flemish-speaking Flanders region and its French-speaking neighbour Wallony, enables ARS Digital to give subscribing radio stations a secure means to download its recent recordings ahead of release.

The service is encrypted, meaning the radio-station users will need special passwords to log in.

"Unlike physically distributed recordings, which can lead to possible losses or delays at the post office, each of our media contacts (at the radio stations) will be served (the new releases) simultaneously," says Peter Decraene, ARS' head of business affairs.

"And when it comes to exclusives or priority deals with certain media partners, it's just a matter of applying the appropriate log-in code."

Physical product will continue to be delivered to radio stations, Decraene explains. The label is distributed through EMI Belgium.

Additionally, ARS Productions has signed new deals with established domestic acts Kate Ryan, dance act Milk Inc, and singer/media personality Sergio.

"It's our goal to become the country's most important player as far as domestic repertoire is concerned by developing new artists and acquiring established talent," ARS Productions managing director Patrick Busschots says.

Ryan, who released three albums through EMI Music, represented Belgium at the 2006 Eurovision Song Contest with the track "Je T'adore". She has sales in excess of one million units in Belgium, according to the label.

Her new single "Voyage 2," a cover of the 1980s hit song "Voyage Voyage" by French artist Desireless, was released locally June 18.

Sergio also represented Belgium in the 2002 Eurovision Song Contest.