French repertoire made significant inroads in this year's second quarter of the IFPI Platinum Europe Awards.

It is led by "Les Choristes" (Universal), the soundtrack of the 2004 hit movie, which has shipped more than two million units to retailers. Out of the 13 album titles to hit the IFPI's Platinum threshold, meaning retailers stocked at least one million copies Europe-wide, five originated from France.

In addition to "Les Choristes," another Platinum winner is "Dis-moi Que Tu M'Aimes" (Universal) by Chimene Badi, a participant in the French reality-TV talent contest Popstars. The other three are crossover-classical recording "Carmine Meo" (EMI), by Emma Shapplin; "Era 2" (Universal) by French veteran rock star Eric Levi; and "Jenifer," the eponymous album by another French reality-TV participant Jenifer. "Mi Sangre" (Universal), by Colombian singer Juanes, is the only other non-English recording in the IFPI list.

To highlight the significance of the non-English recordings' success, IFPI today pointed out that "only four such albums achieved Platinum Europe Awards last year compared with eight in the first half of 2007." Among the English-speaking hit albums to make the Platinum grade, "B'Day" (Sony BMG) by Beyonce was second in IFPI's ranking.

Otherwise, Universal dominated the other English-language titles. They are Lebanese-born Mika's "Life in Cartoon Motion," Portishead by U.K. trip-hop act Portishead, "Up All Night" by Razorlight, and the soundtrack to Oscar-winning Hollywood blockbuster "Gladiator."

From Warner comes "Minutes To Midnight" from U.S. rock band Linkin Park, and "Love Songs" from veteran U.K. rock star Phil Collins.

Disney made it with "High School Musical," the soundtrack to its phenomenally successful TV movie of the same. The album was the best-selling title worldwide last year.