Ingenious Media Active Capital (IMAC) is investing up to £5 million ($10.2 million US) in U.K.-based Trinity Universal Holdings Limited, a digital media marketing service provider for the music industry.

Trinity develops interactive social networking communities, online stores, Web-based fan clubs, among other services, for clients that include U.K. hit acts Robbie Williams and Arctic Monkey, labels Warner Music and Sony BMG, and media groups GCap and public broadcaster BBC.

With IMAC's cash, Trinity plans to develop new services and enhance the digital technology required for its business.

"The new 'music economy' is likely to have change as a permanent feature, as it is increasingly shaped by consumers' take-up of new technologies," said David Robson, Trinity's chairman. "This investment will enable us to position Trinity as the industry's services provider, enabling rights owners to capitalize on these changes."