The U.K. entertainment industry has unveiled a new Web site as part of its continuing efforts to tackle copyright theft.

The Industry Trust for Intellectual Property Awareness site,, aims to educate the public about the impact of illegally downloading music and films.

The new website includes interactive quizzes and advice for budding film-makers, as well as user-friendly information on what copyright is and how it works.

It also features case studies and comments from a host of real-life industry workers to help put copyright and the protection of creativity into context.
The site is phase two of the trust's campaign, after the launch of its "Knock-off Nigel" ad campaign earlier in the year (, May 15).

Liz Bales, Director-General of the Industry Trust, said in a statement: "This element of the new campaign is designed to raise awareness of the role and value of copyright in protecting the creative industries and those who work in them. By demonstrating the positive role of copyright and its practical applications in protecting Intellectual Property, we hope that consumers will appreciate the negative impact of copyright theft, both on the industry and the wider U.K. economy."