Pentaport, South Korea's biggest annual music festival, wrapped on Sunday with organizers reporting a record attendance for their young festival.

The three-day music festival, held July 27-29 at a park about an hour outside Seoul, pulled in more than 40,000 visitors, according to Steven Kim, president of Yellow Nine Entertainment, the promoters of Pentaport.

This year's event featured more than 50 artists, including Japanese rockers L'Arc en Ciel, American heavy metal band Testament and electronica act Chemical Brothers, alongside a string of alternative rock acts, including Muse, OK Go and Ash.

Local performers included Crash, Johnny Royal, Nell and 70s folk star Ray Kang.

A little more diversity and a lot less rain were the secrets to their success, Kim told

At the inaugural Pentaport last year, typhoon rains put a huge damper on the weekend, keeping attendance to just 25,000. A typhoon also washed out Kim's 1999 attempt at the summer music festival, effectively killing-off the event until 2006.

Tickets cost between $95 for one day and $180 for a three-day pass.

"We still lost a little money this year. But the size of the loss, compared to last year, lessened a lot," Kim said.

"We are all happy, our investors are happy and the advertisers are happy. We'll definitely be back next year."