SongSpots, the widget that enables consumers to personalize their social-networking pages with copyright-protected music, has been made revamped to offer customized playlists of up to 25 songs.

Supplied by Sonific, the Swiss-U.S. online-music service provider, SongSpots allows users to embed and share a playlist of streamed music onto the profile pages of Web 2.0 sites such as MySpace and Facebook.

Users can select full tracks licensed by Sonific from a library of 200,000 songs, from 45,000 labels. The acts featured range from Frank Sinatra to Billy Bragg and The Barenaked Ladies.

"With this launch, bands, artists and record labels can upload their own music at, create a complete radio-like music program using their tracks, and spread it virally across the Web as a SongSpot," Sonific founder Gerd Leonhard said. "Or any user can now become a virtual DJ and share his individual playlist with his friends on any (social-networking) platform he chooses."