MTV Networks International today launched MTV Ukraine, providing the eastern European market with a dedicated 24-hour cable and satellite channel and Web site.

Around three million households will have access to the advertiser-funded network, according to MTV. The first music video shown on the channel was "Tantsi" by the established Ukrainian band Vopli Vidoplyasova.

The launch of MTV Ukraine is part of a multi-year licensing agreement with Horizon Capital, a leading private equity fund manager in Ukraine.

"MTV Ukraine will provide a new platform that will encourage and support the expression of the unique culture, music and creative talent of this exciting country," said Bhavneet Singh, managing director, senior VP, MTVNI Emerging Markets, in a statement.

Local programming on the network includes "MTV Ukraine Top 20", "MTV News" featuring Ukrainian and international acts, and "Rock Ukraine", a daily one-hour show focusing on emerging and established Ukrainian bands.

Globally-sourced MTV content includes "South Park", "Beavis and Butt-head" and "Pimp My Ride," which will be dubbed for the local market.

Yevgen Stupka, a well-known producer and composer with experience in the music and entertainment industry, has been appointed GM of MTV Ukraine.

"The importance of this event can scarcely be exaggerated," he said in a statement. "New standards, set by MTV will lead to the appearance of the new trends in culture and show business. Later, when talking about the past, people will talk about two periods: before MTV and after MTV."

MTV Networks International's Emerging Markets group is the fastest growing region in the company's portfolio of multi-platform businesses, with 18 television networks, 15 web sites and three mobile TV channels across Russia, Central and Eastern Europe, Central Asia and the Middle East.

Additional announcements from its Emerging Markets group will be made in the coming weeks, MTV said.