Jean-Bernard Lévy, CEO of Universal Music Group parent Vivendi, will deliver a keynote speech at the MidemNet Forum, which takes place Jan. 26-27, 2008 as part of MIDEM, organizers of the trade fair said today.

"Vivendi is currently testing numerous new economic models with success within its activities linked to music. The group is at the forefront in terms of convergence and utilisation of technologies," comments MIDEM director Dominique Leguern in a statement.

The popular two-day MidemNet confab, which focuses on new technologies and emerging industry models, gathered 1,322 participants at the 2007 edition, up from 1,206 in the previous year.

The 42nd annual MIDEM will be held Jan. 27 to 31 at the Palais des Festivals in Cannes, France.